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Three Indoor Games to Play with Your Roomies or Friends


Summer weather has many people opting to stay home as a way to beat the heat, but after already spending months inside, you may have run out of shows to binge or projects to tackle. And with vaccinations on the rise, you may be itching for an activity that you take on as a group.

At ICO Mayfield in Pleasant Grove, Utah, we have compiled a list of indoor games that can be played with roommates or friends. Whether they’re classic, virtual, or budget-friendly, these games are sure to delight. Give them a look and try them for yourself.

The Classics

There are countless board games to choose from, each with a different theme, rules, or objective that can be more casual or competitive, depending on what you’re in the mood for.

  • Monopoly: This game has been around since 1935 and has generated a number of different editions since then. It can accommodate anywhere from two to eight players, and though it can take longer than some other traditional games to complete, this just gives you more time to bankrupt your roommates—in the game, of course.
  • Catan: Formerly “The Settlers of Catan,” this strategy game lets you colonize an island using trade, bartering, and a little bit of luck. It too can take a little while to complete and is designed for up to four players, unless you pick up the expansion set.
  • Chess: Undoubtedly the oldest game on the list, this most classic of classic games is built on anticipating your opponent’s next move. Traditional timed games can go relatively quickly, depending on your skill level, but games are also frequently played by players on opposite sides of the planet (known as correspondence chess) so feel free to take your time.

If you’re in the mood to try something new, a quick Amazon search will give you some additional options and consumer reviews to make sure it’s something you and the roomies might want to play before shipping it to Pleasant Grove. 

Technology Games

Depending on your budget, there are a lot of video games designed for a group to play on a gaming system or even your phones using apps available on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  • Super Mario Party: Featuring 80 mini games, this option for the Nintendo Switch has something for everyone. Designed for two to four players, the goal is to win the most mini games to be crowned the Mario Party champion.
  • Jackbox Games: This service can be downloaded onto one gaming system, cell phone, or tablet, then played by the entire group using their own device. You can get individual games, such as Drawful, Fibbage, and Quiplash, or purchase a party pack, then play whenever you and your roommates or friends feel like having another game night.
  • Heads Up!: This phone-based game originated on the Ellen talk show. After selecting a topic, one player holds the phone up to their forehead with the screen facing toward the other players, who try to get the person holding the phone to guess as many clues as they can in one minute. The game also records the players giving the clues, so you can watch the playback afterward for some extra laughs.

Budget-Friendly Games

If you’re looking for some games that can be played without a lot of additional investment, there are plenty of options with things you most likely have lying around.

  • Card Games: There are literally dozens of ways to play with a deck of cards, whether you have a poker night where you bet with different chores around the apartment, pull out your flatware for a game of Spoons, or learn a new game altogether.
  • Name That Tune: All you need to test your music knowledge against your friends are some speakers and a playlist. Build your own or find one on Spotify, then have one person ready to hit the play/pause button to see if you really can identify a song in just one note. Bonus points if you can also name the original artist.
  • Charades: All you need are some prompts and a little bit of theatrical ability. Players write down things like movies, TV shows, and actors, then work together to guess what their teammate is acting out.

The next time you’d rather have a night in, have some friendly competition with your roommates and friends. And if you and your crew are looking for apartments in Pleasant Grove, Utah, contact ICO Mayfield today to schedule a tour today!