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Why You Should Rent an Apartment in Pleasant Grove

October 15th, 2015

Why you should rent an apartment in Pleasant Grove

There’s no getting past it – finding a new place to live is challenging. You may be in love with a neighborhood that has no apartments to rent or find your dream space in the entirely wrong location. When you rent apartments in Pleasant Grove, however, you’ll find a rare combo of a perfect place in an ideal area. Here are three reasons why apartment dwellers will love renting in Pleasant Grove:

Cultural Heritage

Thanks to the surge of new startups in the area, Pleasant Grove lies within one of the fastest growing metropolitan regions in the United States. But despite its rapid growth, the city holds fast to its cultural heritage. Settled in 1855 by pioneers, Pleasant Grove was given its name for the dense forested area that surrounded it. Nearly 200 years later, the city still holds its moniker as Utah’s City of Trees for its foliage and scenic views. This adherence to tradition, as well as other long-held customs like Strawberry Days, Utah’s longest standing community celebration, help residents of apartments in Pleasant Grove embrace their own city pride and give Pleasant Grove a unique, tight-knit feel.

Convenient Location

Sandwiched between the Wasatch Mountain Range and Utah Lake, Pleasant Grove offers a prime location to outdoor enthusiasts, or even those who prefer to take in Utah’s scenic views from their own backyard. Within 10 minutes, residents of apartments in Pleasant Grove and even of apartments in American Fork can be launching a boat in the Utah Lake harbor or driving up the canyon to Mt. Timpanogos. But nature lovers aren’t the only ones who love the city’s locale; its convenient proximity to I-15 makes the 35 minute drive to downtown Salt Lake City and the even quicker 20 minute drive to Provo a breeze for commuters.

Affordable Living

The national average price for a dozen eggs will run you close to $2.00, but in Pleasant Grove, you can expect to pay far less. Not only are groceries less expensive, but important amenities like health care and utilities in the city are well below the nation and state’s average, making it an affordable place to live. And, since you can’t put a price on safety, Utah’s City of Trees earns an alternate nickname as one of the state’s safest cities.

Pleasant Grove has everything a renter could want in a town; not only is the scenic city close to major freeways, it’s affordable to live in and the community embraces its cultural heritage. While apartment hunting may be a challenge, deciding to live in Pleasant Grove is a breeze.


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