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Your Roommate Survival Guide

July 28th, 2017



Sharing an apartment with one or more roommates isn’t exactly like being in the wild, but it definitely calls for a survival guide. Traversing the peaks and valley of cohabitation requires preparation, cunning, patience and a lot of self-awareness.

Any place with apartments for rent also has roommates in training. Such tenants must find ways not only to coexist, but to thrive. Success largely hinges on simple yet time-tested steps that should be integral to any roommate survival guide.

Get Ready Well in Advance

Being best of buddies with someone is one thing; living with them for an extended period of time is another. Many troublesome obstacles can arise, making preparation especially important.

Training tactics can range from coffee meetings to personality tests. The key component should be the desire to learn and grow prior to moving day.

Agree on Rules

It works best when everyone works together to form a set of house rules, but this type of cohesion is easier said than done — especially taking into account the varying backgrounds, experiences and preferences that skew ideas about proper etiquette.

Each roommate may feel differently about the nuances of cooking, cleaning, temperature, noise and much more, which is why working hard to develop a strong set of house rules is worth the time up front.

Put Others First

Dealing with others the way you prefer being dealt with just makes sense. It’s the fairest, most just way to live, and quite often it leads to mutual respect.

Choose the high road and see how teamwork and genuine enjoyment begin to replace division, double-talk and passive aggressiveness.

Leave Room for Personal Space

Even the best apartment homes in the world will at times feel a bit cramped when multiple people live under the same roof. It’s at those times that personal space, which always is a right, seems especially precious.

Infringing on someone’s personal space is one of the biggest, most unacceptable impediments to roommate survival.

Always Be Communicating

Awkwardness is inevitable in any roommate scenario. Honest, consistent communication is the key to minimizing and moving past these situations as quickly as possible. Getting the problem out in the open can be the difference between a minor tiff and a friendship-ending blowup.

Finding the Right Apartment for Your Group

What will you and your roommates experience at the apartment homes at ICO Mayfield? Explore here.


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