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Are You Forgetting to Clean These Commonly Neglected Places?

July 20th, 2017


Apartment cleaning is something most of us can do on auto-pilot. Vacuum. Dust. Clean the kitchen. Clean the bathrooms. But are you missing something? Consider adding these easy chores to your list from time to time to make a real difference in how your home feels:

Vacuum more than carpet:

Fabric is soft and welcoming, but it traps dirt particles. Unlike sheets, you can’t toss upholstery in the washing machine, so make a point of vacuuming your sofas and cushions frequently. (Of course, if slipcovers or cushion covers are washable, remove and wash them.) The same goes for curtains. Put on the upholstery attachment and vacuum curtains and blinds, or toss curtains in the washer if they’re washable. Including household fabrics in your apartment cleaning routine will make a huge difference for people with allergies or pets.

Pay attention to your dishwasher:

Dirty dishes usually get the blame for that smell coming out of the dishwasher, but maybe you’ve noticed it coming out of an empty dishwasher, as well. The debris from your plates doesn’t just disappear, but ends up in a filter, and if you haven’t cleaned it before, it’s probably holding a lot of food, soap scum, and hard water deposits. Remove the filter and clean it (under running water, with a dish brush—no big deal), then run a cycle or two with machine cleanser. You can find it in the appliance section of home improvement stores. How often it should be done depends on your dishwasher use, but it should be a regular part of your apartment cleaning.

Wash your washing machine:

Are your clothes not smelling as fresh as they used to? Mold loves the warmth, dark, and moisture of your washing machine. Fortunately, when you live in an apartment with your own laundry, you get to say how often the machine gets cleaned. As you’d hope, the washing machine does most of the work. Check this tutorial from DIY Network for complete instructions on this easy apartment cleaning task.

It’s a small thing to add these few items to your apartment cleaning list, but it will make a big difference in how fresh and clean your home feels.


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